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Google Index Checker is our SEO tool which is used to check the status of a website that it is indexed or not on the Google. Also, you can check that how many web pages of any website are listed on Google. Basically the SEO technique having two most useful terms, first crawling and second is indexing. Crawling is the term which can be defined as when you search any website on Google then Google spider should come towards the original website called crawling. Indexing is define as after the crawling it is also necessary that the original website show on the first page of the search, called Indexing. In simple language Indexing is a process by which your website list itself on the Google search pages. It is very necessary for the popularity of any website. Our Google Index Checker tool will help the users to check the status of their website or any other website that it is listed (indexed) or not on Google.

How to use  Google Index Checker SEO tool

This tool is very simple to use. You just need to enter the direct link any webpage whose status you want to know, and in few you will be able to know that is it listed or not on Google.