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About Google Cache Checker

Google Cache Checker - Online Bulk Google Cache Checker Tool

Google cache checker is our tool which is used to check the status of any website and any blog that it is cached by Google or not. Google cached is necessary for any website because it provides the facility that whether your website is not operating still your website show on the Google search pages. Cached memory of Google is belongs to a memory where it remain the detail of a webpage until it is not open again by any user. For example if you open today then in Google cached memory its last page will remain until you open it again on next day. Hence this is very necessary tool because if your website goes on shutdown mode due to any reason then also your websites web page will show when user select the cached mode in the search.

How to use the tool Google cache checker

This is very simple tool. Also it is very useful in terms that you can use it for many website once at a time. You can check 20 website once at a time. You just need to enter the links of the website in each line space, and then rest work will be done by our tool. You find the status of each site.