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About Class C Ip Checker

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Class C IP checker is our SEO tool for checking to the IP address of a website of Class C. basically IP address are divided into three classes namely A, B, and C. Class C IP address is related to the higher network. It is fully technical term so normal user won’t be able to understand it. But still I’ll try to give knowledge to you. Class C IP address denotes to a larger network with starting bit 1, 1 and 0. This bit system is related to a larger area server, so it means that it is possible that Class C IP address is same for many website. This IP address will effect on the Google page rank of a website. Let see with an example-: suppose that your neighbor (who is sharing same IP of Class C) is not a good website, or he was block by various server so it is directly effect upon your website rank because of the same server. So you need to be updated with your neighbor.

How to check Class C IP

You need to enter the domain names of website that you want to check Class C IP. Then rest work is done by our tool.