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Website Screenshot Generator - Website Thumbnail - website snapshot

Get instant  Website Screenshot Generator is a screenshot of your website or blog by using this Free Website Screenshot Generator SEO Tool. Website screen shot generator is our SEO tool which is provided to the user forgetting their website home page or any page they wants screen shot for free. Website Screenshot Generator is basically the image of that page covering the whole aspects of that page. Why we need to use this tool is a big question, which is coming in your mind right now. So our purpose is clear regarding this tool that suppose you want to advertise your website for this purpose you need the looking of your web page, hence by using our tool you can generate your websites screen shot. In another reference suppose you saw any infringement of any law on any websites page then you can take that websites screen shot for further legal activities. So it is a very useful tool that you can use for various purposes.

How to use this tool or how to generate website screen shot by this tool

This is very simple tool to use. You just need to add the websites domain name whose screen shot you want in the clipboard. By submitting this domain name you can find the screen shot of that website in front of you.