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Page Speed Checker - Google Speed Test - Web Page Speed Checker 

Page Speed Checker is an SEO tool which is used to tell that how fast is your webpage responsive towards the users. When you open a web page then how fast it will depend on your network speed as well as the page speed. So it is a necessary term because when you open a webpage if it is taking to much time for opening then it will bother the user. I mean obviously, as a user you don’t want that for opening a page taking too much time. You will move towards another option of that page and it directly effects on the Google web page rank. If it is come your web page ranking then as a website owner you will harm economically too. So to avoid this you need to increase your web page speed, hence for this first, you need to check your web page speed.

How to check a web page speed

To check your web page speed you just need to enter your web page link in the clipboard. Then on clicking the submit option you will get the data in front of your computer screen about the web page speed.