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Page Size Checker - Webpage Size Checker Tool - check web page size

Nowadays, each webmaster most concentrate on their website's loading speed as a result of web users like sites that load very quick. in keeping with some surveys conducted, it had been expressed that if a website takes longer than 4-5 seconds to load, the users can possibly click out. therefore a web site owner should lookout of the site's loading speed which can ultimately cause improved rankings in search results and a low bounce rate. Webpage Size Checker,Check the Size of Any Website.

Users love content with quality info, graphics, videos, and images. as a result of these media pages, the online pages become serious, and that they do not load quickly. 

ilvl has created Page Size Checker Tool so everybody will simply understand the size of their web content and build some changes to cut back the size which can directly improve the page loading time.

How you can use Page Size Checker Tool

Enter the whole website or Domain URL which wants to check and press the "Submit Button". Our Page Size Checker tool can give a whole page size report in but a second! The unique feature that we've got further in our tool is that it displays the size in each kilobyte (KB) and Bytes.